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Screening at Belgian Embassy - 18 Nov 2012


Begining of Asifa

Noureddin Zarrinkelk visiting the workshop of Iranian illustrators in Italian embassy.
(Autumn 2011)

5th Celebration of "House of Cinema" (7th Sep,2011)

Dialogue of Omid Rowhani with Noureddin ZarrinKelk Father of Animation in Iran
(Short form of the interview for the book celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Asifa International)

The 9th exhibition of the Association of Illustrators of Children's Books
is held for commemoration of Nouredin Zarrin Kelk. The exhibition is organized to appreciate the activities of the father of Iran's animation, in Momayez Gallery of the Iranian Artists' Forum, from Monday May 29, for 6 days.



Introduction by:
Prof. John A. Lent

Introduction by:
Borivoj Dovnikovic Bordo

Introduction by:
Parviz Kalantari

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